Boom Chicka Boom: A Quick, Fun Energizer

Boom Chicka Boom: A Quick, Fun Energizer

“By incorporating play throughout the school day, we can help these students feel more connected to school and their community of peers, and more comfortable participating in academics.”

                  —Seeing the Good in Students

Energizers Help Students Learn

When we sit for long periods of time, our brains become mentally tired, and we disengage. This is especially true for children and adolescents. Incorporating regular movement into the school day provides a mental and physical break from studies, allowing students to refresh and prepare for the next lesson. Energizers are quick, purposeful activities—usually just a few minutes—that help students refocus and engage in more productive learning. Energizers can be calming or stimulating and can be adapted to suit your style and the class’s needs.


Image of the Boom Chicka Boom Responsive Classroom Energizer sample.

Free Energizer Activity Printable

Boom Chicka Boom is a humorous chant that allows students in grades K–6 to practice skills such as focusing, listening, self-control, and creativity. Its many variations and adaptions encourage student choice and imagination. Download the Boom Chicka Boom energizer here.


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