Alex Miller

Alex Miller is currently a second grade teacher in San Francisco’s Mission District. He has been a classroom teacher for seven years, teaching second through fourth grades. After receiving a BA in communication from the University of San Diego, Alex went on to earn his MA in elementary education from the University of Phoenix. He recently completed the Making Learning Visible course stemming from Harvard’s distinguished Project Zero program. In the classroom, Alex leans into the Teaching Tolerance standards and has a passion for teaching his students the value in becoming empowered and change-making citizens. Each year, he leads his students in creating an action- and project-based learning experience in which they identify a challenge faced in San Francisco and develop a strategy to create a meaningful impact. An avid squash player since age eight, Alex competes in tournaments across northern California. He also thoroughly enjoys spending time in his kitchen, particularly making homemade pasta and sauces.

Alex Supple

Alex Supple is a middle school teacher with over a decade of experience as an educator in a range of settings, including outdoor and urban education. Alex was initially introduced to the Responsive Classroom approach by a directing teacher during graduate school and was immediately drawn to its emphasis on dignity and respect in the student-teacher relationship. Alex loves incorporating Brain Breaks into teaching in all settings, from the classroom to the hiking trail. When he is not in the classroom, Alex enjoys traveling to new cities and open water swimming off the coast of Massachusetts.

Alexis Stubbe

Alexis Stubbe is currently a sixth grade teacher at the Genesee Community Charter School in Rochester, New York. She has embraced the Responsive Classroom approach since entering the classroom in 2005 as a student teacher, when she recognized the impact that proactive teacher language and Morning Meetings have on creating a cohesive classroom culture. Recently, Alexis and her teaching team were recipients of the Better World Project award and a Teaching Tolerance grant to create curriculum around identity, race, and lifting up urban communities through art and activism. She is thrilled to be part of the Responsive Classroom team and looks forward to inspiring educators to bring Responsive Classroom teaching practices into their classrooms. In her spare time, Alexis enjoys yoga, walks with her two dogs, down time with family, and adventures in the Adirondack Mountains.

Alicia Cardina

Alicia Cardina teaches fifth grade in Asheville, North Carolina. She also taught first and second grades in both Asheville and St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. She discovered the Responsive Classroom approach during her master’s program in 2006 at Lesley University, and became wholeheartedly committed to implementing the strategies in her own classroom. Following her 10 years of training and application of Responsive Classroom practices, she was thrilled to become a part-time consultant for Center for Responsive Schools, which affords her the opportunity to share this powerful educational approach with teachers all over the country. Alicia deeply values the power of intentional language and building a strong community among both students and teachers. Alicia brings her love for music, art, and nature into the classroom, creating opportunities for her students to explore their own creativity while maintaining deep academic engagement. Outside the classroom, she enjoys gardening, cooking, hiking, and sharing time with her friends and family.

Allison Ovalle

Allison Ovalle has been working in education in various roles for 17 years. She has viewed the field from the perspective of an AVID tutor, a substitute teacher, an associate teacher, an elementary school teacher, and now a middle school reading remediation and yearbook teacher. She earned her BA in communications from Virginia Tech and her master’s in education from Marymount University. One of Allison’s strengths is that she is extremely reflective. She takes feedback and will implement it immediately and consistently. Her passion for Responsive Classroom comes from witnessing her students return to a love of learning, achieve academic success, and grow increasingly competent and fluid in their application of social-emotional skills. Allison enjoys spending time in and on the water and is an avid boat rider. She is a supporter of the arts and loves attending the theater. She can often be seen singing and dancing in her classroom.

Allyson Story

Allyson Story is a consulting teacher for Center of Responsive Schools and an assistant principal of an elementary school in New Fairfield, Connecticut. Prior to leaving the classroom to lead a school, Allyson spent 13 years teaching third grade in Wilton, Connecticut, and then went on to become a math specialist in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Allyson’s passion for Responsive Classroom began in college when she had the privilege of doing an internship at Sheffield School in Turners Falls, Massachusetts. There, she fell in love with Responsive Classroom practices and has been using them ever since. Allyson hopes to inspire and support teachers to embrace the Responsive Classroom approach and the ways in which it creates highly engaged learning and safe, challenging learning environments for students every day. In her spare time, Allyson enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, traveling, spending time outdoors, and cooking.

Amanda Stessen-Blevins

Amanda Stessen-Blevins is a consulting teacher for Center for Responsive Schools. Originally from Syracuse, New York, she is the daughter of two teachers. Amanda has a background in teaching English language learners from all over the world. She is currently a primary grade teacher at a public school in Brooklyn, New York. Implementing the Responsive Classroom approach has helped her to develop a classroom community that is purposeful, engaging, and fun. In her spare time, Amanda likes to read, listen to podcasts, and spend time with her family.

Amber Searles

Amber Searles is currently a program developer and consultant at Center for Responsive Classroom. She began her education career as a middle school business education teacher. Implementing Responsive Classroom practices and strategies allowed her to receive the Teacher of the Year award from her school district and community members. She enjoys creating content and products that empower teachers to foster hope in their students and build communities in which students feel empowered by the work they produce. Amber believes deeply in the power of teaching academic, social, and emotional skills to equip students both in and out of school. She is thrilled to be supporting teachers and students both nationally and internationally. When she is not working, Amber enjoys watching movies, reading, playing with her dog, spending time with family and friends, and relaxing on the beach.

Amy Isenhart

Amy Isenhart is an elementary educator and consulting teacher for Center for Responsive Schools. Having worked in a variety of settings, Amy first experienced the impact of Responsive Classroom while working in an urban charter school where she witnessed the power of combining social-emotional skill development with an engaging academic curriculum to help children discover their strengths and develop a sense of belonging. As a teacher leader in her district, Amy leads collegial book studies and welcomes other teachers into her classroom at every opportunity. She truly enjoys sharing and learning with other inquisitive teachers. During her years as an educator, Amy has also served as an ELA coach, RTI coordinator, and music educator. Outside of the classroom, her happy place is exploring the rivers and lakes of upstate New York by kayak with her husband and their four children.

Amy Kelly

Amy Kelly is an educator and parent with 24 years of experience transforming thousands of classrooms and homes into cooperative, engaging, and joyful spaces to live, work, and grow. With master’s degrees in education and educational administration, Amy has been a teacher, assistant principal, and principal, and currently works as the district leader of social and emotional learning for Weston (Massachusetts) Public Schools, leading social-emotional learning work in several schools, grades pre-K–12. Amy has been passionate about the Responsive Classroom approach since she first experienced its magic as a student teacher 25 years ago and has been a consulting teacher for Center for Responsive Schools for the past 14 years. Amy believes that the resource book from the Responsive Classroom Course for Middle School Educators is the key to transforming middle schools into engaging learning communities. When she isn’t searching for the best lobster roll in New England, Amy enjoys traveling, tennis, golf, and walking with her daughter and two dogs.

Amy Strain

Amy Strain currently serves as a fourth grade teacher at Helen L. Beeler Elementary School in Marlton, New Jersey. She has a master’s in teaching reading and writing and has taught for 15 years in a variety of educational settings. Amy has been implementing Responsive Classroom practices throughout her career and has seen the positive results firsthand. As a consultant for her school district, she enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for this approach with other teachers and supporting them with their implementation. In her spare time, Amy enjoys relaxing on the beach, DIY house projects, reading, and spending time with friends and family

Amy Wade

Amy Wade is a school counselor in Canandaigua, New York, where she began her career almost 25 years ago. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and her elementary teaching certification from SUNY Geneseo. Immediately following, she went on to pursue a master’s and certificate of advanced study in counseling from SUNY Albany. In addition to her work as a school counselor, Amy teaches at the college level and has taught coursework in education, human services, and psychology. Amy has been a consulting teacher for Center for Responsive Schools for over 15 years and has trained teachers from a variety of settings including urban, suburban, rural, private, and parochial schools. Amy’s most treasured time is spent with her husband and two daughters traveling and going for walks, and with family and friends.

Andy Moral

Andy Moral teaches sixth grade in Council Rock School District in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Andy earned his bachelor’s degree from Saint Joseph’s University and a master’s in curriculum and instruction from the University of Scranton. He was introduced to Responsive Classroom early in his teaching career and has seen improved academic performance and classroom culture from using this approach. Andy continues to implement the teaching strategies of Responsive Classroom with his students as a full-time classroom teacher. Additionally, Andy works as a staff developer in his school district and supports teachers in kindergarten through eighth grade with their knowledge and implementation of the Responsive Classroom approach. The author of the Quick Coaching Guide “Replacing Direct Teaching with Active Teaching,” published by Center for Responsive Schools, Andy sees the benefits of using movement to increase student learning outcomes and promote positive behavior. In addition to teaching, Andy enjoys exercising and spending time with his wife and two children.

Ann Rose Santoro

Ann Rose Santoro has over 25 years of elementary school teaching experience and five years’ experience as an instructional coach in Port Chester, New York. She was trained in the Responsive Classroom approach by some of the original founders, including Chip Wood, Marlynn Clayton, and Ruth Charney, and became a Responsive Classroom consulting teacher in 2010. Ruth Charney’s Teaching Children to Care was transformational for Ann Rose as an educator, and being a Responsive Classroom teacher has been a life-changing experience. Ann Rose was awarded Teacher of the Year in her district, has served as a member of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Teacher Advisory Council, and is an America Achieves Educator Voice Fellow. She holds a bachelor of science in psychology and a master of teaching degree, and is currently working toward a doctor of education in Teacher Leader in Digital Transformation. Ann Rose spends her free time on Cape Cod with her family and on the slopes snowboarding during the winter.

April Bates

April Bates currently teaches math at the middle school level in a rural school in Maine where she has over 30 years’ teaching experience. Her journey with Responsive Classroom started 20 years ago while teaching in elementary school. Her passion for the approach inspired her to become trained to present the elementary, middle school, and advanced workshops. April’s dedication to Responsive Classroom has helped train and support pre-K through eighth grade teachers in her own district as well as countless educators across the country. When she isn’t working, April enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, kayaking, and golfing.

Barb Hobe

Barb Hobe is a library-media specialist for a K-6 elementary school and Responsive Classroom coach for her district. Prior to her role as the LMS, Barb taught third grade for 10 years in a suburb of Chicago. Throughout her teaching career, she has been fortunate to work in a district that fosters the Responsive Classroom philosophy. Through her unique experience as a classroom teacher, specialist, and school and district leader, Barb has worked with fellow educators to create supportive environments, systems, and practices where students and staff can grow academically as well as socially in safe and inclusive schools. Barb continues to push herself to learn new things. She holds a master’s in reading, various academic endorsements, and is actively involved in diverse learning opportunities to develop both professional and personal knowledge and skills. Barb takes this love for learning and shares it with her family, colleagues, and students in the hope that they too get hooked on new discoveries.