Seeing the Good in Students

A Guide to Classroom Discipline in Middle School

Andy Moral, Kathleen Wylie, Rashid Abdus-Salaam

Using the techniques in this book, middle school educators can help students build strong social-emotional and academic skills, meet their personal goals, and thrive in school and beyond.


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Middle school students are at an age when it’s natural to test limits and try out aspects of adulthood. However, they still need (and crave!) the presence of caring adults who can help them develop healthy identities, relationships, and behaviors. This book shows educators how to tap into young adolescents’ desire for autonomy in order to help them become self-motivated to behave in productive and positive ways to benefit themselves, their peers, and the greater school community.

Filled with practical advice and real-life insights from middle school teachers, this book includes information on how to:

  • Help students set meaningful personal goals and discover how school rules can help them meet those goals
  • Build a strong and supportive learning community
  • Respond to common misbehaviors and ongoing problem behavior in productive ways
  • Help students who struggle with their behavior due to trauma or toxic stress
  • And more!

Free discussion questions now available. These chapter-by-chapter questions will deepen your learning and help you apply the book’s strategies to your own setting.

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