As Still As a Rock: An Energizer for Self Control

As Still As a Rock: An Energizer for Self Control

A Fun Way to Practice Self-Control

Energizers provide structured mental and physical breaks from academics. They allow students to refresh and reenergize for the rest of the school day. They also help students both connect through play and practice crucial social skills.

As Still As A Rock is a variation of the traditional “Freeze” game. It requires coordination, listening skills, and—most importantly—self-control. When the teacher calls on students to be as still as a rock, they must not move or talk—a difficult task for most students! However, the consequence for failing to remain still and quiet does not result in being “out” of the game. Instead, students take part in spotting other children who fail to maintain self-control. That way, they continue to stay engaged in the game and focused on their classmates. Once they get the hang of the game, students can offer their own ideas for ways to add variety or make it more challenging.


A free example Energizer activity for elementary students called Still As a Rock.

Free Energizer Activity Printable

As Still As a Rock keeps students engaged while giving them a break from their lessons. The endless possibilities for adding variation encourages student choice and creativity. Download the As Still As a Rock energizer here.


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