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Responsive Classroom now meets the needs of learners from kindergarten to eighth grade!

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What Is Responsive Classroom?

Greater teacher effectiveness, higher student achievement, and improved school climate.

Responsive Classroom is a research-based approach to K-8 teaching that focuses on the strong link between academic success and social-emotional learning (SEL). We believe that a high-quality education for every child is built on the foundation of a safe and joyful learning community. We provide professional development for elementary and middle schools worldwide.

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2016 Responsive Classroom Leadership & Teachers Conferences
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Teaching Perseverance? Try Interactive Modeling

We all know students who seem to give up quickly and appeal for our help, even when the task is appropriately challenging, or students who are reluctant to even start a task that seems challenging and instead opt to sit and wait until we check in with them. These behaviors can halt progress and feel frustrating for both students and teacher.

Teaching Perseverance? Try Interactive Modeling

Newly Published: The Joyful Classroom!

In this book, you’ll find practical, use-it-now strategies for creating active, interactive, relevant, and exciting lessons.

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