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Are you looking to incorporate a proven schoolwide approach to social, emotional, and academic learning that has been used with students around the world? Responsive Classroom is a student-centered social, emotional, and academic learning approach to teaching and discipline. Schoolwide implementation of the research- and evidence-based practices creates safe, joyful, and engaging classroom and school communities for both students and teachers. This approach to teaching and discipline creates the conditions for social, emotional, and academic learning using practical strategies in four domains: positive community, effective management, engaging academics, and developmentally responsive teaching. Schools that implement this approach by establishing a strong foundation in all four domains do so by focusing on a proactive approach during the first 4-6 weeks of school.

The process of implementing Responsive Classroom at a schoolwide level is a multiyear, intentional sequence of coursework, workshops, application, reflection, and refinement involving educators and school staff. School leaders focus on creating a shared vision, ensuring that the conditions for change exist, and fostering the systemic implementation in both the schoolwide student community and the adult community.

Responsive Classroom Schoolwide Implementation Leadership Plan

Leadership is the key to successful schools. You’ve chosen Responsive Classroom as a schoolwide approach to transform academic, social, and emotional learning. We’re excited to partner with you as you lead schoolwide implementation of the Responsive Classroom approach. These steps will assist you with creating successful Responsive Classroom leadership.

Leading Schoolwide Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning with Responsive Classroom

Responsive Classroom implementation is a multiyear approach, requiring leadership and support at each level for schoolwide success. School leaders use this multiyear guide for implementation success at all stages of schoolwide growth, including implementation planning, year one implementation, year two implementation, and implementation beyond year two.

Responsive Classroom Introduction Staff Meeting Plan

Key to launching Responsive Classroom as a schoolwide approach is engaging educators and school staff in understanding the goals of the approach and how Responsive Classroom aligns with the vision and goals for the school. Leaders use the staff meeting plan to engage school staff in a review of the components of Responsive Classroom as it aligns with current goals and needs of the school. A staff meeting lesson plan, PowerPoint presentation, and supporting resources are included.