Free Calming Energizer Sample

Free Calming Energizer Sample

Energizers are playful activities that provide a structured way for students to engage with one another. They can be energetic or calming, both of which give students a mental and physical break from their studies. Calming energizers provide the opportunity for students to slow down and practice self-calming skills. Click the link below to download a free energizer you can use in your classroom.

An Image of the energizer called InterruptionsFree Energizer Printable

Interruptions is an adaptable class activity that serves double duty by helping students settle down while reinforcing language arts skills. It can be used to practice current vocabulary or transition into a language arts lesson.

Download the Interruptions energizer here.

Helpful Tip: End the activity in a seated position and emphasize the settling down movements. This helps students calm themselves so they can focus on their learning.

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