Fall Virtual Workshops

Practical Strategies for Engagement

Children aren’t the only ones who learn from playing and exploring; adults can benefit from these experiences as well. Right now, you may feel overwhelmed trying to come up with new ideas for keeping your community of learners excited, connected, and engaged.

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Three One-Day Workshops for $399

Continue your Responsive Classroom journey by taking advantage of this awesome deal on our fall virtual workshops. Sign up a single participant for three workshops and only pay $399 for all three. **Exclusions Apply. Click below to take advantage of this deal.

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Introduction to Responsive Classroom

In this one-day introduction to the Responsive Classroom approach, you’ll learn how Responsive Classroom practices help teachers to foster positive community, integrate academics with the teaching of social and emotional skills, and create the conditions for positive student behavior.

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Strategies to Prevent Bullying

Bullying creeps into our classrooms like a weed. Learn how to spot it, stop it, and build a classroom rooted in community. Gain a deeper understanding of how key Responsive Classroom strategies create an inclusive environment to prevent bullying and dive into new strategies that support students working together.

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Special Area Teachers

Special area teachers face unique challenges—tasked with imparting expertise across grade levels, in small windows of time, often with an entire week between classes. You are also uniquely positioned to become experts in child development, supporting students as they grow and change year after year. Learn how core Responsive Classroom practices can be used to explore the opportunities and address the challenges of special area settings.

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Support Staff Working Together

Students learn and grow best the adults in their community work together to support them. In this workshop, participants will learn how to apply Responsive Classroom principles and practices in non-classroom spaces, such as the cafeteria, after school programs, and on the bus, in order to create consistency between adult actions and student expectations throughout the day.

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Connecting Morning Meeting to Academics

You already use Morning Meeting to transition students into the school day and build your classroom community. Now, learn how to enhance this essential practice by examining how each of its four components can be used to teach both social skills and learning behaviors and how Morning Meeting can increase academic engagement and improve connection to and understanding of the core curriculum. **Prerequisite: Elementary Core Course**

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Improving Teacher and Student Language

Words are the foundation on which teaching, learning, and relationships are built. This workshop gives you the opportunity to assess, reflect upon, and improve both teacher and student language in your classroom in order to deepen academic engagement and learning. **Prerequisite: Elementary Core Course or Middle School Course**

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Responding to Misbehavior

We’ve all been there: power struggles, defiance, meltdowns—all those particularly thorny behaviors. Learn effective strategies for understanding, addressing, and reducing challenging behavior in the classroom. **Prerequisite: Elementary Core Course**

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Sustaining Responsive Classroom Momentum

Sustaining momentum and change can be a challenge. Many times teachers may start out strong and then lose steam both throughout the school day and the school year. Along the way, that excitement and enthusiasm for the approach may dwindle. **Prerequisite: Elementary Core Course**

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Addressing Middle School Challenges

In this one-day workshop for middle school teachers, participants will focus on their middle school students and the five major challenges that they face during adolescent development. The workshop offers an opportunity to take a detailed look at The Responsive Advisory Meeting Book and to learn about one of the seven purposes of Responsive Advisory Meeting and how it can be utilized to meet the critical needs of students. **Prerequisite: Middle School Course**

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Leadership Seminar

Building and Sustaining a Responsive School Culture for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning - Establish a sustainable school culture that supports and inspires adults and students alike!

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** Prerequisite is required for registration.

We provide world-class professional development in the Responsive Classroom approach to social-emotional learning (SEL) and teaching discipline for elementary and middle school educators across the globe. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some of our events will be offered virtually. We will use the Zoom platform to remain committed to helping teachers and school leaders create safe and joyful learning communities where every student can thrive. Whether you attend in-person or online professional development, you will learn how to integrate academic and social-emotional learning through key teaching practices in an experiential and informative environment.

All virtual courses will be conducted from 8:30-3:30 in the time zone indicated unless otherwise specified. For example, Eastern Standard Time courses will occur from 8:30-3:30 EST. To offer flexibility and accommodate personal schedules, individuals are welcome to attend course offerings in time zones other than their own. You can find the break down by time zone here.

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