Strengthening the Parent-Teacher Partnership

Jane Cofie

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Partnering with families is as important as knowing your students, and this book supports educators at all grade levels in building effective home-school and parent-teacher relationships. With strategies and resources for productive digital communication, positive conferences, mutually beneficial classroom involvement, and more, this book empowers teachers to collaborate confidently with their students? families.

Key topics:

  • Making all parents feel welcome
  • Understanding a culturally plural classroom
  • Communicating effectively with families to support student success
  • Leveraging the power of parent-teacher conferences
  • Strengthening family connections through parent involvement in the classroom
  • Conveying the importance of teaching self-discipline
  • Managing challenging parent encounters/situations
  • Getting to know and partner with the community

Free discussion questions now available! These chapter-by-chapter questions will deepen your learning and help you apply the book’s strategies to your own setting.

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Length: about 150 pages
ISBN: 978-1-950317-17-2


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