The Bridge Forward

Transition to Middle School and High School

Students’ transition from primary to secondary education marks a monumental shift in their lives, one that coincides with important social, physical, and cognitive development. Yet surprisingly few resources exist to support students (or their teachers or families) through this transition. As a result, far too many students fail to thrive in their new learning environments. In fact, according to contemporary research, around two in five students fail to reach their expected progress following the transition to secondary education (Evans et al. 2018). That’s where The Bridge Forward comes in.

The Bridge Forward is a series of resources designed specifically to support students transitioning from elementary school to middle school and from middle school to high school. These resources are comprehensive: they offer proactive support for every significant contributor to a student’s transition including school leaders, teachers, and parents.

In The Bridge Forward, you will find easy-to-use lesson plans, guides, and conversation starters to support activities, lessons, Advisory meetings, peer mentorship opportunities, open houses, visit days, orientation structures, and more. These resources are available as school packages or individual books.

Evans, Danielle, Giulia A. Borriello, and Andy P. Field. “A Review of the Academic and Psychological Impact of the Transition to Secondary Education.” Frontiers in Psychology, 9 (2018): article 1482.