Responsive Classroom for Music, Art & P.E.

The go-to guide for busy special area teachers!


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Discover how to seamlessly blend the powerful practices of Responsive Classroom into your daily teaching. In this easy-to-navigate book for grades K6, you’ll find practical advice, tips, charts, planners, examples, and more from experienced special area teachers who use Responsive Classroom practices every day. They’ll show you how to:

  • Open and close each period in calm, orderly ways
  • Set students up for success with skills, rules, and routines
  • Use positive teacher language to help students meet expectations and develop confidence
  • Engage students more deeply in your special area content
  • Reduce off-task behavior so students spend more time learning

Let your teaching sparkle and your students shine!


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Item #: 352-BKS-CRSE
Length: 208 pages
ISBN: 978-1-892989-84-0

3 reviews for Responsive Classroom for Music, Art & P.E.

  1. Deanna Daly

    I use this book regularly! I teach at a title 1 school and have seen some of my most challenging classes turn around from using Responsive Classroom techniques. This book is easy to use and well written. It pairs really well with the workbook for special area teachers. Highly recommend

  2. Susan Hersh

    Extremely valuable!
    Routines, expectations, interactions will be clearer and more enjoyable for all!

  3. joan.mcgarry

    I am using his book for my teacher candidates to teach them how to incorporate the principles of a Responsive Classroom while integrating elements of PE , Fine Arts and Music into their lesson planning and doing. This is one book my students buy and keep for future use!

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