Sammy & His Behavior Problems

Stories and Strategies from a Teacher's Year

Caltha Crowe


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From its very first chapter, this extraordinary book draws you into Caltha Crowe’s “never quit” efforts to help Sammy, a challenging but charming third grader, gain control of his behavior so that he, and his classmates, can learn. You’ll find yourself laughing and crying as Sammy and his teacher work through many ups and downs.
And you’ll come away with strategies and structures you can use to help the Sammy in your own classroom. K6

Caltha takes readers into her classroom through rich stories, complemented with journal entries sharing her struggles, triumphs, and “Aha!” moments as Sammy’s teacher. Through her sympathetic eyes, we experience Sammy’s defiance, angry outbursts, and baffling responses to stress.

By example, Caltha shows how to help all children succeed in school. Her wisdom and kindness turn this book into the one you’ll urge on colleagues and read aloud in the teacher’s room. It will tug at your heart, teach you a great deal, and remind you of your best intentions in becoming a teacher.


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Item #: 126-BKS-NEFC
Length: 168 pages
ISBN: 978-1-892989-31-4