Responsive School Discipline

Essentials for Elementary School Leaders

Babs Freeman-Loftis, Chip Wood


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Bring positive behavior to your school through strong, consistent, and positive discipline. Experienced administrators Chip Wood and Babs Freeman-Loftis offer practical strategies for building a safe, calm, and respectful school climatestrategies based on deep respect for children and for staff. See how to:

  • Establish signals that get children’s quick, quiet attention anytime and anywhere in school
  • Craft school rules that children take seriouslyeven cherish
  • Create peaceful recesses, lunchtimes, hallways, and bus rides
  • Give staff techniques for teaching and reinforcing expected behavior
  • Help children with especially challenging behaviors avoid discipline problems
  • Give staff methods for quickly restoring positive behavior when a discipline problem comes up
  • Involve parents in improving school discipline

Each chapter targets one key discipline issue and starts with a checklist of action steps. For comprehensive discipline reform, go through the chapters in order. For help with a particular challenge, go right to the chapter you need.

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Item #: 190-BKS-NEFC
Length: 272 pages
ISBN: 978-1-892989-43-7


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