Solving Thorny Behavior Problems

How Teachers and Students Can Work Together

Caltha Crowe

Arguing, excluding classmates, forming cliques, “forgetting” to do homework, balking at sharing, refusing to do workthese common but challenging misbehaviors often disrupt learning, frustrate children, and exhaust teachers.


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Veteran educator Caltha Crowe shares five practical strategies that will help teachers and children solve these problems together. You’ll learn to use:

  • Problem-solving conferences
  • Conflict resolution
  • Role-play
  • Class meetings
  • Individual written agreements

With warmth, wit, and deep insight into classroom life, Crowe offers abundant guidance to help you use these strategies with detailed steps, keys to success, effective teacher language, and planning pages so you can personalize each strategy.

True stories from classrooms, actual dialogues with students, and answers to real teachers’ questions make for a lively book with an authentic and encouraging teacher voice. Throughout, Crowe never wavers in her belief in building classroom community through kind, respectful collaboration with children.


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