Interactive Modeling

A Powerful Tool for Teaching Children

Margaret Wilson


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Use Interactive Modeling to teach academic and social skills, routines, transitions, use of materialsany behavior, skill, or routine that needs to be done in a specific way. When teachers use this technique, children quickly learn exactly what to do, and they remember better. You’ll spend less time reteaching, and your students will spend more time learning.

Specialist teachers, parents, coaches, and any other adults who work with children can adapt and use this technique.

This book includes sample lessons, scripts, a planning guide, and a summary of research on the principles behind Interactive Modeling.

What’s Different About Interactive Modeling?
Unlike conventional modeling, Interactive Modeling gives children an active role, which helps them stay engaged and better remember what they learned. It uses a seven-step format that entails showing children exactly what to do, helping them notice key elements, and giving them practice while the teacher coaches. This format makes Interactive Modeling an efficient way to help children learn to carry out a procedure or routine correctly and remember it for next time.

See for yourself: Here are 7 short videos showing Interactive Modeling lessons in real elementary classrooms!

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