Child and Adolescent Development Ages 4-14

Chip Wood


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A trusted resource, now in its 4th edition!

Yardsticks is a comprehensive guide that helps educators better understand students’ social and academic behavior through a developmental lens. Through age-by-age narratives, developmental characteristics, and activities, Chip Wood gives educators thoughtful, research-based, practical strategies to meet students’ needs.

  • Developmentally informed tips and tie-ins across the curriculum
  • Typical growth patterns by age and how they relate to learning
  • A peek into developmental milestones and behavior at home

“In an age dominated by standardized test scores, Chip Wood’s Yardsticks is a treasure. It describes children as living, breathing, feeling, thinking beings. Many of the anecdotes made me chuckle or smile. Informed by a deep knowledge of general developmental trends, Wood also urges teachers to take time to observe each child as an individual, and he provides helpful tips for doing so. Most of all, this book helps us appreciate children, reminding us that they are truly a joy. I find this book life-affirming.  I love it.”

William Crain, Professor of Psychology, The City College of New York and author of Theories of Development: Concept and Applications

You can learn more about the 4th edition of Yardsticks, and author Chip Wood, in this article!

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1 review for Yardsticks

  1. Heather Hawkins

    I have taught for 20 years. I love this book. I have used it as a teacher and now as an administrator!

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