Doing Science in Morning Meeting

150 Quick Activities That Connect to Your Curriculum

Lara Webb, Margaret Wilson


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Foster science learning with quick, fun, meaningful activities for K–6. Increase students’ excitement about science, deepen content knowledge, and enhance science skills.

The topics and activities in this book are based on A Framework for K–12 Science Education, the foundation for the Next Generation Science Standards.

The activities are easy to set up, require minimal materials, and are flexible enough to use at any time of day. Select activities by title, grade level, Morning Meeting component, science content, science standards addressed, and science discipline (physical sciences; life sciences; Earth and space sciences; and engineering, technology, and applications of science).

For each of the 150 activities you will get:

  • Brief, easy-to-follow directions
  • Open-ended questions to help students reflect on their learning
  • Science content and standards covered
  • Key scientific vocabulary to reinforce
  • Ideas for variations and extensions (when applicable)

See sample activities from the book:


  • Plans for ten science-themed Morning Meetings, in which all four components of Morning Meeting relate to one science topic or skill.
  • Tables showing how activities connect to specific Common Core Speaking and Listening Standards.
  • A list of children’s books that support science learning, organized by grade level and science discipline.
  • A list of additional resources that help teachers learn more about Morning Meeting and related Responsive Classroom practices.

“Whether you are a science expert, science aficionado, or new to teaching science, this book is a “keeper.” Doing Science in Morning Meeting is a must-have resource for novice teachers, veteran teachers, elementary teachers, middle school teachers and science/STEM elementary coaches.”—Linda Biondi (Read more from her review on MiddleWeb.)

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