Sharing Idea: Who Remembers My Favorite Book?

Sharing Idea: Who Remembers My Favorite Book?

Here’s a Morning Meeting sharing idea from 80 Morning Meeting Ideas for Grades 36, by Carol Davis:

Who Remembers My Favorite Book?

Playing a fun remembering game builds on children’s listening and memory skills.

How to do this around-the-circle sharing:
  1. Tell students they each will have a turn to share about a favorite book and why they enjoyed it, using a complete sentence. Remind students to listen carefully because they’ll be playing “Who Remembers?” after everyone has shared.
  2. Give think time. Tell students to give a thumbs-up when ready.
  3. Be the first sharer. Use a complete sentence and keep your reason why brief. Continue around the circle.
  4. After everyone has shared, play “Who Remembers?” Ask recall questions such as: “Who remembers whose favorite book was a biography about Harriet Tubman? Does anyone remember why that was her favorite book?”

Tips for Success:

  • If needed, model a Think-Aloud showing how to choose one favorite among several. Also model using a complete sentence and speaking clearly.
  • Invite students to share the strategies they plan to use to help them remember what is said.
  • Reinforce positive behaviors. For example: “You remembered so much about each other.”

Skills: reflecting on personal experiences, reasoning, recall


  • Challenge the class as a whole to remember something about everyone in the class.
  • Invite students to ask “Who Remembers?” questions about their own sharings and to call on classmates to respond.
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