Group Activity Idea: Encore!

Group Activity Idea: Encore!

80 Morning Meeting Ideas Grades 3-6Here’s a Morning Meeting activity idea from 80 Morning Meeting Ideas for Grades 36, by Carol Davis:


Students team up to connect vocabulary words with favorite songs.

How to do this group activity:
  1. Place students into small groups of four or five.
  2. Call out a word or topic related to a unit of study (for example, a weather or science term, historical event or person, number or math term, or adjectives and adverbs).
  3. Give groups a few minutes to brainstorm songs they know that contain that word or connect to the topic.
  4. Have each group sing or chant a line or verse from one or two songs from their brainstorming.

Tips for Success:

  • Before starting, ask students, “What will it look and sound like to work together in your group?” Model these behaviors (taking turns listening and talking, accepting others’ ideas, and so on).
  • Reinforce positive behaviors. For example: “I noticed everyone in the group sharing ideas and listening to their classmates. That made it fun for everyone!”

Skills: cooperation, vocabulary, recall


  • List all the songs the class came up with. Then choose a few favorites to sing later.
  • After groups sing a line or verse, see if the other students can “Name That Tune!”
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