What is Kaleidoscope?

Kaleidoscope is a suite of online observation and feedback tools designed to extend the four-day Responsive Classroom courses into actionable, ongoing professional development for teacher and school improvement. Using Kaleidoscope, elementary and middle school leaders can see the growth in the use of Responsive Classroom practices reflected from multiple perspectives—academic, social, emotional, behavioral, and pedagogical—and help school teams use the data to create a customized plan for further growth, complete with resources to meet their goals.

Kaleidoscope is included with school and district course packages for one school year following the four-day workshop or can be purchased separately for schools where a majority of educators are trained in Responsive Classroom.

The Kaleidoscope Process

The process begins when a Responsive Classroom consultant visits the school to conduct the Consultant Observation and Feedback Visit (COFV) 8-12 weeks after implementation. During this visit, the consultant uses the Kaleidoscope tool to observe classroom and non-classroom spaces.  Kaleidoscope analyzes the results and creates a school growth profile that provides feedback on the phases of teacher growth in their use of Responsive Classroom practices, including customized resources and solutions.  The observation and feedback cycle continues throughout the school year as school leaders use the Kaleidoscope tool to observe teaching practices, interpret mid and end of the year growth and make data-informed decisions to support teacher growth, school improvement, and student academic, social and emotional learning (A+SEL) outcomes.

Video Tutorials and Support Library

The Kaleidoscope tool includes step-by-step instructional tutorials and sample observation videos to support leaders in independently preparing to use the tool at a time and location that meets their schedule. The brief video tutorials and a downloadable comprehensive training manual are included with the school and district course packages.

Access Your Kaleidoscope Account

School leaders are provided with a login to access the Kaleidoscope for one year. Get more information about Kaleidoscope including sample profile reports or log into your account by clicking on the login button: