A Morning Meeting greeting for Grade 2 from the book Doing Science in Morning Meeting:

Science Friction

Science Content: Friction
Disciplinary Core Ideas: Physical Sciences—matter and its interactions; motion and stability (forces and interactions)
Science & Engineering Practices: Developing and using models; constructing explanations; obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information
Crosscutting Concepts: Cause and effect; energy and matter; stability and change

Materials Needed: None
Vocabulary: Friction, heat, energy

How to do it:

Introduce the greeting: “In science, we’ve been investigating friction. Let’s see what we learn about friction during our greeting.” Model as needed.

  1. The first greeter turns to the student on her left. They both hold their hands up.
  2. They touch their palms together. Both students say, “Good morning, ___________.”
  3. Both partners then rub their hands vigorously against their clothes while the class counts to ten.
  4. Both partners touch their palms together again and say, “Good morning again, ___________.”
  5. Continue the greeting around the circle.
  6. Ask two or three students to briefly reflect on what they noticed: “What felt different after you created some friction by rubbing your hands against your clothes?”


  • If time is limited, do this greeting as a simultaneous partner greeting.
  • Vary the amount of time students rub their hands and see what students notice.

Extending the Science Learning After Morning Meeting: Have students rub two objects together, note their observations, and then write or draw their own explanation of friction.

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