Quick Coaching Guide: Out of Sight but Not Out of Self-Control

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Whether walking the hallways unsupervised during a low-traffic time of the day or going to the restroom, proactive steps can be taken to ensure that students navigate these moments using self-control and follow rules and expectations. Students who adhere to the rules and show self-control in unsupervised spaces are part of building a positive and inclusive school community where students feel they belong, that they are significant, and—most important—that they are safe. This Guide offers suggestions and a proactive approach for school staff to set up students for success in these unsupervised areas. A multifaceted tool for ongoing, embedded professional development, Quick Coaching Guides encapsulate a specific topic through the Responsive Classroom lens and offer educators unique tools for reflection, learning, and planning for change.
Orders of ten or more include a Leader Guide for facilitating focused professional development for teams of adult learners. Leader Guides offer multiple options for delivering adult instruction, enabling school leaders to choose the method that works best for their time and staff.
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