Photograph by Cory Ryan.Join a vibrant community of teachers committed to professional development and the belief that a high-quality education for every child is built on the foundation of a safe and joyful learning community.

Teacher quality is the single most important factor affecting student outcomes, and research has shown that teachers who implement the Responsive Classroom approach with fidelity create the conditions that lead to high academic and social achievement for students.

Here are just a few of the benefits of being a Responsive Classroom teacher:

  • High quality instruction that engages students in their learning
  • A positive and productive learning community
  • A well-managed classroom environment
  • Teaching that is responsive to students’ developmental needs

Responsive Classroom Teacher Certification is a designation awarded to educators who use Responsive Classroom practices and strategies with fidelity in their classrooms and schools. The designation is valid for one year, with an option to renew.

Key Benefits of Responsive Classroom Teacher Certification:

  • Engage in high quality professional development with a community of like-minded educators from across the globe.
  • Reflect on practice and cultivate a growth mindset about teaching.
  • Receive feedback from master educators.
  • Twenty-five percent discount on Responsive Classroom resources.
  • Access to ongoing online professional development to hone practice.

What Can a Certified Teacher Do?

As a certified Responsive Classroom Teacher, you are a model implementer who can serve as a resident expert and leader of the Responsive Classroom approach to teaching. Responsive Classroom Teachers can:

  • Open their classrooms for those interested in observing Responsive Classroom in action.
  • Lead Responsive Classroom study groups using Center for Responsive Schools resources.
  • Present informational sessions about the Responsive Classroom approach to families, school boards, new teachers, and other school staff.
  • Serve as a spokesperson for the broader community about the impact that the Responsive Classroom approach has on classroom and school success.

What’s the Process to Become Certified?

Upon completion of the Elementary Core Course and Elementary Advanced Course (for Elementary educators) or the Middle School Course (for Middle School educators), the first step is to submit an application. A certified Responsive Classroom coach will evaluate your application and determine if you are then qualified to receive the Responsive Classroom Teacher designation. The process is intentionally rigorous to ensure that you can serve as a master teacher and exemplar of the Responsive Classroom approach.

To learn more about the application requirements, download the Assignment Packet.


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