The Power of Our Words: Middle School

Teacher Language that Helps Students Learn

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This book is your go-to guide for improving the professional language you use with students. Through your use of words and tone, you can more fully engage students in their learning and support their positive development as young adults. Learn to use:

Envisioning languagehelp students see themselves reaching goals and making positive contributions
Reinforcing languagerecognize students’ efforts so they can build on their successes
Reminding languageprompt students to take more responsibility for their learning
Redirecting languageget students back on task quickly
Open-ended questionsbuild critical and creative thinking skills

This easy-to-use-book includes:

  • Key guidelines for each type of language
  • Practical tips that will strengthen your use of language
  • Plenty of examples in a wide variety of situations
  • Reproducible charts to help you track your progress
  • Reader-friendly design for quick access to key information


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