How to Bullyproof Your Classroom K-5 (Second Edition)

Caltha Crowe


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The revised and updated edition of this classic book uses time-tested and developmentally responsive strategies to create a classroom in which bullying and meanness diminish and kindness flourishes. This second edition incorporates recent studies, updates references, and a new chapter on cyberbullying.

Veteran educator Caltha Crowe offers a proactive approach to bullying prevention that shows you how to create a positive classroom environment and how to respond to mean behavior before it escalates into bullying. In the new edition, you’ll learn how to:

  • Help children get to know each other (a first step toward kindness) and work together respectfully (a key to a climate of inclusion)
  • Create rules that children believe in
  • Identify behaviors that are gateways to bullying and learn how to stop them
  • Recognize potential bullying situations outside of the classroom
  • Involve parents in preventing and responding to bullying
  • Recognize, respond to you, and prevent cyberbullying

The second edition also includes updates lessons plans for teaching elementary children about gateway and bullying behaviors and many other valuable resources educators can use right away.

Free discussion questions now available! These chapter-by-chapter questions will deepen your learning and help you apply the book’s strategies to your own setting.


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