Teacher Language for Engaged Learning Kit

Four Video Study Sessions

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Learn communication strategies that highly effective teachers use to support students’ high-level thinking, active participation, and collaboration. This kit includes materials for leading 30-minute professional development sessions on four topics:

  • Asking Open-Ended Questions
  • Giving Clear Directions
  • Giving High-Quality Feedback
  • Keeping the Focus on Learning

Each session is built around a 10-minute video segment featuring master teachers using positive language with students at a variety of grade levels. Integrated narration names and describes specific positive language strategies to focus on. Step-by-step guidelines for working through each session are included. Perfect for study groups or in-service presentations, coaching individuals, or for independent use.


  • DVD with short videos on four essential teaching skills
  • General instructions for using the kit
  • 4 session-specific instruction cards
  • CD-ROM with printable supporting materials


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