The First Six Weeks of School 2nd ED

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Watch children’s learning blossom all year long when you lay the groundwork with the help of this classic, comprehensive guidebook for K–6 teachers. Day by day and week by week, The First Six Weeks of School shows you how to set students up for a year of engaged and productive learning by:

  • Using positive teacher language to establish high academic and behavioral expectations
  • Getting students excited about schoolwork by offering engaging academics
  • Teaching the classroom and academic routines that enable a collaborative learning community to thrive.

Novice teachers will feel as if they have a personal mentor always by their side; veterans will discover new insights and ideas to make their first six weeks even more productive.

New in this edition:

  • Streamlined format for easier navigation, featuring a separate chapter for the crucial first day of school
  • Each week organized into 3 new sections:
    • Flow of the Day
    • Teaching Academics
    • Teaching Discipline
  • Concise information about key Responsive Classroom practices used in the book
  • Tips for special situations (new student, substitute teacher, field trip, indoor recess)

The First Six Weeks of School is one of the four Responsive Classroom books every elementary teacher should own.

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6 reviews for The First Six Weeks of School 2nd ED

  1. Stephanie Wilson

    This edition makes moving to a new grade so much smoother!

  2. Lynn A Hambley

    I need this in a digital format! I already own two copies and due to human error they’re both not here with me now. I’m heartsick at having to plan week 1 without this book. I’ve been using it for years. It absolutely made the difference in my teaching. So much so that other teachers will ask me what my secret is to working with such well-behaved classes. Some have mentioned that my classes were stacked with the “good” kids. Nope, it was this book.

  3. Pamela Prescott

    great material and good reminders! Thanks.

  4. Maryjo. Flamm-Miller

    This resource gave me several new ideas. Thanks.

  5. Lori Han

    I loved the first edition but it’s in storage because I moved overseas. I am back in the classroom because of staffing changes due to COVID so I would really love to have the second edition but I need a digital copy. Please … ;>

  6. Krissy Post

    Hello! It’s a great book. I desperately need a copy as mine has gone missing and school starts on Monday. Did anyone have any luck getting the whole book in digital form? Can I?

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