Bulletin Board Highlights Responsive Classroom Approach

Early this school year, our director, an enthusiastic supporter of the Responsive Classroom approach, suggested that I create a display in our school’s main entryway to introduce the approach’s core ideas. I made a large, bright bulletin board consisting of three posters that briefly defined the approach, explained Hopes and Dreams, and told what special things happen during the first six weeks of school. Then I added children’s Hopes and Dreams drawings and writings as they were completed.

The bulletin board became a popular place to linger during Parents Night and other visits to the school. Parents said the display offered just the right amount of information to help them learn about Responsive Classroom elements. Plus, students enjoyed seeing their work highlighted in this way.

We received so much positive feedback that we continued creating the displays throughout the year. Morning Meeting was the topic for the second display, and the third highlighted rules from each of our classrooms.

The bulletin board is now a permanent part of our school, letting everyone know that the Responsive Classroom approach is integral to the way we teach and learn.

Pat Fekete teaches fifth graders at the Hawken School in Lyndhurst, Ohio. Pat is a certified Responsive Classroom consulting teacher and a Responsive Classroom coach for the Hawken School.

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