The Presenter’s Point of View: What is your favorite part of a Responsive Classroom course?

This summer, educators across the globe are beginning their Responsive Classroom journey by attending one of our core courses for elementary or middle school. These transformative four-day courses would simply not be possible without the dedication and expertise of our presenters. This month we will be highlighting our presenters’ insights into the Responsive Classroom practices they teach with the video series The Presenter’s Point of View. In the first installment, we ask our presenters to share what part of the workshop they most look forward to teaching. Here are some of their answers:


The consulting teachers who participated in this video series are:

  • Melanie Barbas, lead teacher for Classroom Culture in the Colonial School District, Delaware
  • Katie Bass, classroom teacher in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire
  • Nicola Bragger, second grade teacher at the Lodge Lane Infant School, Norfolk, UK
  • Alicia Cardina, consulting teacher for Center for Responsive Schools
  • Natalie DiFusco-Funk, third grade teacher at West Salem Elementary School in Salem, Virginia
  • Megan Florentine, kindergarten teacher in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Suzy Ghosh, second grade teacher in Fairfax County, Virginia
  • Lisa Dewey Wells, teacher at the Naval Academy Primary School in Annapolis, Maryland