Make Learning Meaningful

How to Leverage the Brain's Natural Learning Cycle in K–8 Classrooms

Kristen Vincent

Discover the natural learning cycle and the conditions in which it can be best leveraged to design engaging lessons, pose questions that encourage students’ curiosity, and set high expectations for all students.


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This book offers a brain-based approach to sustaining student engagement and provides examples of what the natural learning cycle looks and sounds like for teaching academics, discipline, and social-emotional skills in grades K–8.

Key topics:

  • The three phases of the natural learning cycle and how to deepen learning by connecting to the cycle
  • Background research and strategies to successfully engage students in the natural learning cycle
  • How to create a foundation for success by knowing your students and establishing a positive classroom environment
  • Effective teacher language for leveraging the natural learning cycle
  • How to use the natural learning cycle to teach discipline and rule-following behaviors, social-emotional competencies, and academic concepts and skills

Free discussion questions now available! These chapter-by-chapter questions will deepen your learning and help you apply the book’s strategies to your own setting.

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