Have You Read This?: Organized Chaos

I read quite a few blogs written by elementary teachers, and Organized Chaos: A think tank focused on creative solutions for future problem solvers is one I particularly enjoy. The author, a special educator in a diverse and rapidly-growing public elementary school outside of Washington, DC, tells classroom stories that often make me chuckle and sometimes bring tears to my eyes.

One of my colleagues, also an admirer of this blog, sent copies of two of our newest books: Energizers! and Solving Thorny Behavior Problems, to this blog’s author earlier in the year. Of course, we were delighted to read recent posts where she talks about how much she’s used Energizers! and reflects on how Solving Thorny Behavior Problems made her think about the importance of collaborating with colleagues. Here’s a taste:

I love that Solving Thorny Behavior Problems really pushes the importance of [asking colleagues for their] perspective. It really addresses the fact that we need another viewpoint—despite all the thought we’ve poured into a student’s problems, someone else can say just the right thing to give us another idea—another perspective to really help the student. Asking for help—getting another opinion—coming off the island—doesn’t mean you’re not a great teacher. It doesn’t mean you’re giving up—it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It means you’re a wise, thoughtful teacher who wants every interaction with students to be meaningful.

This month already, the posts on Organized Chaos have included a hysterical story about a reading lesson with kindergarteners, reflections on the insidious problem of lead exposure, and as always, a precious window into the mind and heart of a dedicated teacher. I hope you will check it out!

Jen Audley was manager of online communications for CRS, Inc. until June 2014.

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