The Power of Responsive Classroom

The Power of Responsive Classroom

Sometimes a few little numbers can tell a great big story. That’s the case with the changing numbers of disciplinary referrals at Palmyra-Macedon Primary School in Palmyra, NY.

When the Responsive Classroom approach really began to take hold in this school, disciplinary referrals (overall numbers of referrals as well as numbers of students referred) dropped dramatically. And the pattern held even in the year when the school’s enrollment shot up (2013–2014).

Even though I’m a strong believer in the power of the Responsive Classroom approach to help every child, in every school, succeed academically and socially every day, it’s still a thrill to see numbers like these. I know this particular school community feels uplifted by their success and glad that they stayed the course, even when they experienced some bumpy patches in their schoolwide implementation. And I hope the story their numbers tell will help all of you stay the Responsive Classroom course as well.

Discipline Referrals at Palmyra

Lora Hodges is executive director of Center for Responsive Schools, Inc.

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