The Bridge Forward: Transition to Middle School (Parent Guide)

Parents know their children best and see firsthand the emotional impact that a major change takes on their child.


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The transition from elementary school to middle school may be the most substantial change in a student’s educational journey. While it is a time of exciting possibility, middle school also comes with a plethora of new responsibilities and expectations that incoming students need to be prepared for if they are to find success. The Bridge Forward is the road map to successfully preparing students with the skills they require to transition into and out of middle school.¬†

Parents who receive The Transition to Middle School Parent Guide can learn more about what to expect from their middle school child and discover ways they can help them build new skills. This guide includes:

  • Information about child and young adolescent development
  • An overview of key skills for transitioning to middle school¬†
  • Ways parents can help their child learn key transitional skills at home
  • Tips to help ease the anxiety that comes with the transition to middle school
  • Problem-solving scenarios
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