The Bridge Forward: Transition to High School (High School Leader Guide)


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The Bridge Forward is the road map to successfully preparing students with the skills they require to transition into and out of middle school. With resources for teachers, leaders, and parents, this program results in less anxious students who are better prepared for all the exciting experiences that wait for them in their new school!

High school leaders have the job of inviting incoming students into a learning community in which they will experience many important milestones and which will prepare them for the rest of their lives. High school administrators can use the Transition to High School Leader Guide to institute open houses, visit days, peer mentorship programs, and other schoolwide practices that strengthen incoming students’ relationships with their new learning community and set them on a positive trajectory. This guide includes:

  • Peer mentorship program resources, including peer mentor training sample schedules, peer mentor application, and peer mentorship monthly activities
  • Visit day resources, including visit day sample schedules
  • Open house resources, including sample schedules
  • Counselor resources, including scripts for common scenarios
  • Orientation resources, including sample schedules and Responsive Advisory Meeting lesson plans
  • Ten additional Responsive Advisory Meeting plans
  • A preview of the parent resources
  • Directions for eleven developmentally appropriate activities
Item #: 714-BKS-CRSM