The Bridge Forward: Transition to High School (Classroom Guide)

Classroom teachers can play a pivotal role in helping students reduce their anxiety by using classroom lessons to help students think through situations they might face.


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The Bridge Forward is the road map to successfully preparing students with the skills they require to transition into and out of middle school. With resources for teachers, leaders, and parents, this program results in less anxious students who are better prepared for all the exciting experiences that wait for them in their new school!

High school educators can use the Transition to High School Classroom Guide to create fun and engaging opportunities for students to practice the skills that are critical for high school success. This guide includes:

  • An overview of key transitional skills
  • Lesson topics for transitional skills
  • Fifteen Responsive Advisory Meeting plans
  • A customizable student letter
  • Directions for eleven developmentally appropriate activities
Item #: 713-BKS-CRSM