Quick Coaching Guide: The Power of Envisioning Language

Exercises and reflection questions help teachers make a plan for the regular and effective use of envisioning language in their own classrooms.


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When teachers use language that demonstrates a belief in students’ potential, students grow more self-confident and are inspired to work hard to reach their goals.

This guide leads teachers through the basics of envisioning language, offering advice on how to connect with students’ interests, name positive identities for students, use specific language and clear metaphors, and empower students to envision their own positive outcomes.

A multifaceted tool for ongoing, embedded professional development, Quick Coaching Guides encapsulate a specific topic through the Responsive Classroom lens and identify concrete skills for educators to practice or teach.

This hands-on, structured guide helps educators to take stock of their current practice, plan for future growth, and reflect on progress made.

  • Convenient, embedded professional development that connects directly to your classroom
  • Flexible for autonomous, self-paced learning, exploration, and reflection
  • Written by Responsive Classroom expert teachers
Orders of ten or more include a Leader Guide for facilitating focused professional development for teams of adult learners. Leader Guides offer multiple options for delivering adult instruction, enabling school leaders to choose the method that works best for their time and staff.
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