How’s The Weather? A Morning Message for Any Day

How’s The Weather? A Morning Message for Any Day

Morning message is the fourth and final component of the Responsive Classroom Morning Meeting. During morning message, students engage with a shared message written by their teacher. The message should be relevant to all students and take into account students’ development, interests, academics, or classroom life. This ensures that all students feel welcome and engaged. Additionally, incorporating academics into the morning message eases the transition into the rest of the day and builds excitement around the day’s learning. By encouraging lively discussions and interactions, teachers can help students reflect on previous lessons and feel prepared for the day ahead.

Choosing Morning Message Topics

To better engage your students, consider these questions when deciding on the content of each day’s morning message:

  1. Is it current?
    Focusing the topic on current academic work or building on the work from previous days sets the stage for the day ahead.
  2. Is it inclusive?
    Every message should speak to all class members. All students should be able to relate to the morning message.
  3. Is it engaging?
    The most effective morning message topics are those that interest all students. Keeping in mind students’ developmental characteristics, varying topics from day to day, and using examples from classroom life will better hold their attention.


An image of the Responsive Classroom Morning Meeting message How's the Weather

Free Printable Morning Meeting Message

The How’s The Weather? morning message can be used to reinforce weather-related concepts and vocabulary, or it can be adapted to include the academic concepts that are current to your class. It encourages active discussion among all students, who can relate to the weather and weather-related events. Download the How’s The Weather? morning message here.


Need More Ideas?

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