Everything You Need to Know to Use Responsive Advisory Meeting at the Start of the School Year

Everything You Need to Know to Use Responsive Advisory Meeting at the Start of the School Year

Responsive Advisory Meeting is a core component of the Responsive Classroom approach to middle school because it provides middle school students with the opportunity to explore new interests, practice new skills, and strengthen their social and emotional competencies, all while developing positive relationships with their peers and with a caring adult at school. 

It can be particularly impactful when introduced to middle school students at the beginning of the school year. Adolescent learners are experiencing significant developmental change, and the beginning of the year is a time of transition. Consequently, they benefit from the stability and community Responsive Advisory Meeting offers as they navigate the new experiences that accompany the start of the year.

The resources below will help you plan Responsive Advisory Meetings that will get things off to a great start for advisor and advisees alike.

Getting Started With Responsive Advisory Meeting

New to Responsive Advisory Meeting? Get a quick introduction with “What Is Responsive Advisory Meeting?” Then pick up some tips for getting started.

The Purpose of Responsive Advisory Meeting

Each Responsive Advisory Meeting lesson plan is based on one of seven purposes:

  1. Build student-to-student affiliation. 
  2. Energize and reengage. 
  3. Reflect and recalibrate.
  4. Extend learning through themes. 
  5. Support academic readiness.
  6. Strengthen advisor-advisee relationships.
  7. Develop communication and social skills. 

At the beginning of the school year, students are searching for meaningful relationships, have a strong need to be with peers, and want to both get to know others and be known by others, so the most relevant advisory purpose for this time of year is to build student-to-student affiliation. 

Lesson Plan Ideas

The following lesson plan ideas all fulfill the purpose of building student-to-student affiliation and can help you lay the groundwork for a year of fun, productive, and meaningful Responsive Advisory Meetings: 

Responsive Advisory Meeting Resources

Ready to plan your own Responsive Advisory Meeting? Map out each component with our daily planner

Want to gain buy-in from parents? This letter template can help you connect with parents as you introduce both your role as advisor and the Responsive Advisory Meeting format.

For more Responsive Advisory Meeting resources, check out The Responsive Advisory Meeting Book and the Quick Coaching Guide The Teacher’s Role in Responsive Advisory Meeting, and make sure to continue checking back here for more Responsive Advisory Meeting resources and advice throughout the year.


Ted Powers is an editor for Responsive Classroom.