“Morning message provides information and academic reinforcement through a message written by the teacher each day. Students read the message as they enter the room and follow any instructions on it before Morning Meeting begins. Later, the message serves as the basis for the last component of Morning Meeting. During that component, teacher and students read the message, and the teacher engages the students in discussion based on its content.

The content and format of the message change as children get older, and so do the ways in which students interact with the message before and during the meeting. The methods and purposes of morning message, however, stay the same.

Purposes of Morning Message
■ Builds community through shared written information
■ Develops and reinforces language arts, math, and other
academic skills in a meaningful and interactive way
■ Eases the transition into the rest of the day and builds
students’ excitement about the day’s learning”

–from The Morning Meeting Book

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