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#RCchat: Morning Meeting
Morning Meeting is a core practice in the Responsive Classroom approach, a distinctive and highly effective routine for starting the school day that has been adopted by hundreds of thousands of... Read More
Students at Morning Meeting looking at Morning message
Do you think a lot about how to create Morning Meetings that positively impact each day and prepare your students for the learning to come? I'll share a little secret that has worked for me: Try... Read More
Two students working together on the floor
Are you looking for interactive learning structures that will help your students gain a deeper understanding of content while also developing and practicing higher level thinking skills? The Hot Seat... Read More
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When you get Responsive Classroom training, one of the first things you learn is that the way you communicate with students—your "teacher language"—is a powerful teaching skill that you can develop,... Read More
Teacher talking with her students at a table
Morale can be hard to define, but you know it when you see it. When you walk into a school and everything immediately feels calm, safe, respectful, rich with learning, you know you're standing in a... Read More
Students listening to the teacher and waiting to raise their hands
Recently, more than a handful of my first graders were struggling with waiting to ask questions or make comments during direct instruction. I responded by using tried and true teacher practices:... Read More
The Language of Learning book cover
Students enter our school doors with a vision of themselves as learners, filled with hopes and dreams for learning. That's what I firmly believe. With them, they bring an innate curiosity and a... Read More
A teacher helping students at a table
Ever drive down the road and realize the car is wobbly and perhaps in need of alignment? Sometimes I just know my class is going to feel the same way. Right before a vacation, the arrival of... Read More
Teacher talking with a student while looking at a computer
These days even young children have active digital lives through texting, instant messaging, and multi-player online games such as Club Penguin. However, children who are adept at using digital... Read More
Students working together at a table
"Maybe we'll get to teach in February." That's been the joke at my school after snow, ice, and extreme cold, plus holidays and teacher workdays meant that last month we had only nine full days of... Read More
A teacher leaning over to talk to a student
If you've spent time in a Responsive Classroom, you've seen what I've seen: highly skilled teachers who exude patience, kindness, and respect; students who are fully engaged in their learning; and a... Read More
Two students choosing materials for a project
When I look around my classroom, I see students making choices. The first graders I teach make choices all through the day, from the time they arrive until Closing Circle.The choices are simple, but... Read More