Summer Travel Tips

The summer is an exciting time. The warmth brings with it opportunities to travel for vacations and, sometimes, work. As we emerge from this terrible pandemic, many of us are eager to take to the road and sky again. Because they spend their summers teaching workshops across the country, Responsive Classroom consulting teachers are absolute pros at traveling. Here are some of their favorite tips and hacks to make travel just a bit less stressful:

  • Take a photo of your parking space to remember where you parked at the airport.
  • Use TSA pre-check or CLEAR to expedite security checks (both require planning ahead to complete the necessary paperwork).
  • Have “go-to” outfits that you will travel with to create consistency in your packing process.
  • Keep your favorite snack in your carry-on in case the airport doesn’t have it.
  • Consider packing a spare outfit in case something happens to one of your go-to articles of clothing.
  • If you can pack everything in your carry-on luggage, do so to avoid the baggage claim.
  • Use layovers to grab a meal.
  • Make sure all your devices are fully charged before you leave.
  • If you will be renting a car, save all the addresses you will need into an app such as Waze before you leave.
  • Remember to check your bank and credit cards for travel alerts.
  • Ask hotel staff for restaurant and entertainment options.
  • Take a book – not every place has great Wi-Fi.


Written by Joe Tilley, Curriculum and Instructional Designer