My Favorite Season . . . and Here’s Why! A Morning Meeting Sharing Idea

Here’s a Morning Meeting sharing idea, from 80 Morning Meeting Ideas for Grades K2, by Susan Lattanzi Roser, that helps students practices skills such as reasoning and decision making by challenging them to articulate a reason for liking something.

My Favorite Season . . . and Here’s Why!

  1. Tell children they will be telling the class what their favorite season is and why. Then ask them to name the four seasons. Briefly discuss the characteristics of each and list them.
  2. Give think time. When children are ready, they show the thumbs-up sign.
  3. Be the first sharer. Use a complete sentence and keep your “why” brief. For example: “My favorite season is summer because I love to go outside when it’s warm.”
  4. Go around the circle. Each child shares, following your example of using a complete sentence.

Tips for Success

  • Do this sharing once students feel more confident speaking to a group.
  • Help students with the “why” explanation. For example: “What might be challenging about explaining why you like a certain season? What can you do to help yourself do that well?”


  • Instead of favorites, focus on predictions or another skill. For example: “What do you think will happen to the caterpillar and why? Let’s share our predictions.”


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