The Bridge Forward District Package Combination

This district-wide combination package includes comprehensive resources for elementary, middle, and high school communities and is designed to support incoming and exiting middle school students. These resources help incoming middle school students in learning and practicing essential middle school skills, such as time management, organization, and self-advocacy, and they support exiting middle school students to develop the skills that will help them successfully navigate the increased autonomy and responsibility of high school.

This combination package includes:

  • 1 Elementary Leader Guide
  • 1 Middle and High School Leader Guide
  • 1 High School Leader Guide
  • 6 Middle School Classroom Guides
  • 5 High School Classroom Guides
  • 144 Middle School Parent Guides
  • 120 High School Parent Guides


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The Bridge Forward is a series of resources designed specifically to support students transitioning from elementary school to middle school and from middle school to high school. These resources are comprehensive: they offer proactive support for every significant contributor to a student’s transition including school leaders, teachers, and parents. This discounted package combines resources for elementary, middle, and high school to create a district-wide approach to supporting student success.

Item #: 722-BKS-CRSM