Amy Whittington

After teaching fourth through sixth graders in a Montessori upper elementary classroom and seventh and eighth graders in US and World History, Amy Whittington now teaches kindergarteners at Saint Mary’s Hall in San Antonio, Texas. Her passion for the power of literacy in her work with a nonprofit, Project Transformation, led to her master’s degree in reading at The University of Texas at Tyler in 2020, where she has taught literacy in the content areas for grades 5-8 to undergraduate education majors. for the past three years. The transformative experience of Responsive Classroom training sparked Amy’s desire to become a Consulting Teacher in 2024. She believes Responsive Classroom practices lead to happy, learning students, and inspiring teachers. In 2023, Amy was awarded the Saint Mary’s Hall Master Teacher Award, earned the Harvard University Business School Online Certificate in School Management and Leadership, and achieved the Breathe for Change Yoga for Educators Certification. Amy enjoys traveling with her family and friends, reading books, watching movies, going to the theater, and doing anything outdoors with her dogs.