Introducing Responsive Classroom

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Give teachers and staff a practical introduction to the Responsive Classroom approach:

One-Day Workshop: The Responsive Classroom Sampler

Partcipants in this 6-hour course learn how the Responsive Classroom approach boosts children's social and academic skills while reducing behavior problems. Participate in Morning Meeting; explore foundational ideas; see practices in action; gather practical tips to try right away.

Bring this professional development opportunity to your school or district, or send teachers and staff out to one of our advertised locations. On-site workshops can accommodate up to 30 people a session, and can be presented at any time of year.

Overview Video

Watch the 3-part Responsive Classroom Overview video on our YouTube channel for answers to these questions:

"What is the Responsive Classroom approach?"(9 minutes)

"What does it look like in a school?" (12 minutes)

"What professional development services are available?" (5 minutes)

We'd love to send you a free copy of the Overview on DVD if you think you could use it to build interest in bringing the Responsive Classroom approach to your school. Request the Overview on DVD.

School-Based Study Resources

Teacher Language for Engaged Learning: 4 Video Study Sessions

This video-based kit gives you everything you need for four 30-minute sessions that will help teachers and other school staff develop and refine their skill at asking open-ended questions, giving clear directions, keeping the focus on learning, and giving high-quality feedback. Learn more

Professional Development Kits on Morning Meeting, Classroom Discipline, and Teacher Language

These multimedia kits enable a school-based facilitator to lead colleagues through an eight-session book study focused on a key Responsive Classroom practice. In groups of ten to twenty, participants engage in structured discussion of a core text and watch DVDs showing teachers using the practice they're studying. Between sessions, learners practice applying what they've learned in their own classrooms.

Topics include Morning Meeting (core text: The Morning Meeting Book); Positive Teacher Language (core text: The Power of Our Words); Teaching Discipline in the Classroom (core text: Rules in School).

Morning Meeting DVDs with Viewing Guides

Use these DVDs to introduce and explore Morning Meeting, a key Responsive Classroom practice. Sample Morning Meetings includes complete Mornings Meetings in four classrooms at different times of year. The viewing guide includes advice on classroom management and teacher language strategies.

To learn more about bringing the Responsive Classroom approach to your school or district, please contact our school services team. Call 800-360-6332, ext. 156 or email