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There are eight teacher belief domains that support social and emotional learning. 

These belief domains are a set of principles and values that teachers hold true regarding students, the classroom, educational concepts, and discipline. This belief system guides and informs their thoughts and behaviors and forms the basis for decision-making for all aspects of their work in schools. 

During the past two years, we studied how these eight teacher belief domains were impacted through participation in Responsive Classroom four-day elementary and middle school courses. What emerged from this study is remarkable: the two domains most tightly aligned with a teacher’s approach to discipline were the most significantly impacted. These results are especially promising given the work we have ahead of us in dismantling systems of inequality and racism in our schools.

Thank you for partnering with us to bring Responsive Classroom professional development to your teachers so that this generation of children and future generations will experience school as equitable, inclusive, and joyful.

Teacher Belief Study

Introduction to teacher belief

Webinar: Teacher Beliefs