Bullying creeps into our classrooms like a weed. Learn how to spot it, stop it, and build a classroom rooted in community. Gain a deeper understanding of how key Responsive Classroom strategies create an inclusive environment to prevent bullying and dive into new strategies that support students working together.

  • Identify, understand, and respond to bullying, cyberbullying, and gateway behaviors
  • Prevent bullying by fostering community and cooperation through the Responsive Classroom approach
  • Use the rule creation process and Morning Meeting to promote inclusivity
  • Develop pro-social behaviors in students at the whole class, small group, and individual level

Prerequisite: None
Resources Include: How to Bullyproof Your Classroom, Strategies to Prevent Bullying Resource Book
Who Should Attend this Workshop: K-6 educators and all in-school and out-of-school staff, including after-school staff.