Photograph by Jeff Woodward.Special area teachers face unique challenges. These subject matter experts are tasked with imparting their expertise across grade levels, in small windows of time, often with an entire week between classes. They are also uniquely positioned to become experts in child development, supporting students as they grow and change year after year. This workshop addresses challenges in special area settings with core Responsive Classroom practices through a developmental lens.

  • Identify specific developmental patterns in students across grade levels
  • Generate ideas for how to manage a changing environment that serves a wide range of ages and stages
  • Examine five essential Responsive Classroom practices: rules and routines, Interactive Modeling, responding to misbehavior, student choice, and closing routines
  • Consider the impact of, and learn to apply, these core practices in their specific time-pressured special area classroom

Prerequisite: None
Resources Include: Responsive Classroom for Music, Art, PE, and Other Special Areas, Special Area Teachers Resource Book
Who Should Attend this Workshop: K-8 Special Area Teachers and Specialists who teach music, art, physical education, foreign languages, and other elective courses.