Welcoming All Voices in the Classroom

How can we encourage all our students to communicate and participate in school each day? How can we be culturally responsive with the methods and styles of communication in our classrooms? A guiding principle of the Responsive Classroom approach, from the Center for Responsive Schools, states, “What we know and believe about our students—individually, culturally, developmentally—informs our expectations, reactions, and attitudes about those students.” How educators use that knowledge impacts students’ learning and sense of belonging. In this webinar, Responsive Classroom consulting teachers will discuss the importance of recognizing and acknowledging cultural differences in communication that may exist between adults and students. They will also share strategies for creating a welcoming, positive classroom environment that represents all students.



Kristen Vincent is the Assistant Director of Marketing for Center for Responsive Schools (CRS) and a certified Responsive Classroom consulting teacher. Kristen is the coauthor of Closing Circles: 50 Activities for Ending the Day in a Positive Way and The Joyful Classroom: Practical Ways to Engage and Challenge Elementary Students, and author of Make Learning Meaningful: How to Leverage the Brain’s Natural Learning Cycle in K–8 Classrooms. Kristen lives in Massachusetts with her daughter. 




Earl Hunter II has been an educator his entire career. He spent many years as a dynamic elementary school teacher in California. Now a full-time education consultant, Earl travels throughout the United States leading engaging professional development for schools. Earl is a certified Responsive Classroom presenter and consultant, and a featured contributor to the book Teaching Self-Discipline. Earl lives in the Los Angeles area with his amazing family.




Deanna Ross is a Responsive Classroom educational consultant and coach at Center for Responsive Schools (CRS). She presents courses and workshops for educators throughout the United States and abroad, sharing the life-changing strategies that transformed her classroom. A frequent contributor to CRS articles, blogs, and journals, Deanna is a fierce advocate for racial and cultural equity in schools. Prior to her full time work at CRS, Deanna was a 26 year veteran of Memphis Area Public Schools where she achieved National Board Certification and was a recipient of the Rotary Award for Teacher Excellence.