Time and time zone: 7:00 PM ET

Target audience: K-8 Educators


Listen to experienced educators share what they enjoy most about Responsive Classroom courses and why. Hear how being involved with Responsive Classroom and Fly Five has impacted their professional growth. Learn tips on how to incorporate simple social-emotional practices to help you rediscover the joy of teaching.


Participants will . . .

  • Hear accomplished Responsive Classroom presenters share why they enjoy teaching the approach to educators around the world, and how it has a positive impact on classroom and school communities.
  • Listen to experienced educators share their unique perspectives on the impact of social-emotional learning in the classroom.
  • Learn some tips and strategies that can be easily incorporated into different learning environments to help make learning a more joyful experience.




Kelly O’Grady, Lead Moderator

Kerry O’Grady is an educational consultant and coach at Center for Responsive Schools (CRS). For over ten years, she has partnered with public, independent, and international schools in 14 countries and 42 states helping to bring social-emotional learning to their students. As a skilled facilitator of adult learning, Kerry designs and presents engaging conference sessions, in-person workshops, and online learning for educators around the world.  Prior to joining the organization, she was a classroom teacher in Fairfax County Public Schools.  She holds a master of arts in Educational Transformation from George Mason University.



Laurie Bousquet, Co-Moderator

Lauri Pepe Bousquet is currently a professor of practice in the Department of Education at the Purcell School for Professional Studies at Le Moyne College and a Responsive Classroom consulting teacher. Prior to teaching at Le Moyne, Lauri served as assistant director of professional development, a staff development specialist, a reading specialist, a writing consultant, and a teacher of English and French. Involved with the Responsive Classroom approach since 1991. In her spare time, Lauri facilitates study groups for the nonprofit organization Heartlight Center for Inner Peace, in which participants explore the transformative potential of the principles of Attitudinal Healing.





Ellie Cornecelli

Ellie Cornecelli is director of program development and engagement for Fly Five. She works with teachers and curriculum writers as both a facilitator and supervisor in creating all curriculum components for fifth through eighth grade. Ellie began her career in the Washington, DC, metro area, where she used the Responsive Classroom approach to teach visual arts to pre-K–8 students.




Amber Searles

Amber Searles is currently a program developer and consultant at Center for Responsive Schools. She began her education career as a middle school business education teacher. Implementing Responsive Classroom practices and strategies allowed her to receive the Teacher of the Year award from her school district and community members. She enjoys creating content and products that empower teachers to foster hope in their students and build communities in which students feel empowered by the work they produce. When she is not working, Amber enjoys watching movies, reading, playing with her dog, spending time with family and friends, and relaxing on the beach. 




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